Introduction to Student Affairs (Hg ED 574 – Fall 2017)

This survey course provides an introduction to the student affairs profession. This course explores the wide range of contemporary issues students should expect to encounter as student affairs professionals.

Introduction to Qualitative Methods (RES Ev 580 – Fall and Spring)

This hands-on course provides an introduction to qualitative research methods. Through this intensive course, students develop the conceptual and the technical tools to understand and carry out a qualitative research project, from conception and design to analysis and write-up.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (new course – Fall 2015: HG ED 573 – Fall)

In this course, students explore concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion in higher education and student affairs scholarship and practice. We examine power, privilege, and oppression associated with socially constructed identities, and think about inclusion from individual, organizational, and systemic perspectives.

Students in American Higher Education (HG ED 578 – Spring)

With an emphasis on utilizing empirical research, this course is designed to provide current and future student affairs and higher education professionals opportunities to develop a curiosity and knowledge base about how college affects students. In the course, participants discuss the relationship between college students and characteristics. Traditional assumptions about the impact of higher education on students are reviewed and challenged. Participants analyze institutional responses to students through college mission statements, organizational development, structure, core curriculum and retention.

Student Development Theory I (HG ED 576)

Theories of student development and their applications in student affairs programs, services, and activities are reviewed. Emphasis is placed on psychosocial, cognitive developmental, and learning theories as well as newer integrative theories.