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My program of research uses qualitative methodological approaches to study the experiences of graduate students, and the institutional policies and practices that influence students’ educational and workforce pathways. My current research projects fall in two strands: 1) understanding the science of team science, and 2) exploring the experiences of underrepresented graduate students of color in engineering. Taking these two strands of research together, I seek to provide new understandings of the complexity of science participation; the aim is to better understand the experiences that promote or turn students away from science pathways. The implications of this work have the capacity to improve student-to-faculty (as well as student-to-student) interactions, and inform recommendations for the (re)design of supportive learning environments.

This page will be regularly updated as new findings are discovered and published in academic journals and other venues.

Strand 1: Exploring the Experiences of Underrepresented Graduate Students of Color in Engineering

Purpose: This research examines how Black men experience and learn engineering, and develop perceptions of what it means to be an engineer (i.e., develop an engineering identity). It also pinpoints key mechanisms that improve their academic retention and success in engineering, particularly at the graduate level.

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Strand 2: Understanding the Science of Team Science

Purpose: Gain a deeper understanding of team-based research, including how collaborative research works, learning within research groups, and impacts of team-based research experiences on participants.

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Strand 3: Engineering (and STEM) Education

Purpose: Explore the experiences of students across the P-20+ pathways to identify the mechanisms that promote and serve as barriers to STEM participation.

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Future Collaborators

In addition to the projects described above, I am open to collaborative opportunities with scholars, administrators, and those in industry interested in the following topics:

  • STEM workforce pathways
  • P-20 STEM educational pathways
  • Black male (graduate and undergraduate) academic experiences and achievement
  • Educational experiences of underrepresented students of color (across race and gender)